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Hey New Client!

Please take a moment to review the new client services I offer, as well as FAQs, and availability.

New client consultations are no longer needed to secure a new client appointment, but if you have questions concerning policies or procedures please set a consult here.

New client appointments require full payment front and are non-refundable. 

How to prepare for your in salon experience

Visiting a naturally curly hair salon is brand new experience for many of us. To help us carry out the BEST in salon experience with optimum results, I require that you do the following before partnering with me:

Please come/show up to the salon detoxed, pre-cleansed, & ready to begin. This means that your hair has been properly shampooed, conditioned, & detangled, with no ponytails or buns and free of braids and/or twists prior to entering the salon suite. 


"But Terra, do I have to pre-cleanse?"  Yes, you must pre-cleanse (shampoo and condition) and detangle your hair at least 3 - 5 days before your scheduled appointment (or pay a little to a lot extra for me to detangle it for you).

I know this concept may seem foreign to you, but believe me when I say that it helps US gain a wonderful start to an amazing Grow in Grace Experience.


If you arrive at the salon having not done any of the above, your appointment may be cancelled if I cannot serve you in the time frame allotted. If I deem that we are able to move forward, you will be automatically charged an additional $60+ for excessive detangling or if you arrive "fresh out of braids" as these services adds time to your appointment. 


If you are experiencing any scalp conditions please add on the 2 Step Scalp treatment so we can also thoroughly cleanse your scalp.

What is a curl detox?

Detoxing is the process of removing dirt, oil, butters, product, and mineral buildup from your strands to begin restoring health, softness and manageability. At least 40 days, or 5 wash cycles, leading up to our appointment the use of Eco Style & Xtreme Wetline Hair Styling Gel, raw oils & butters, petroleum jelly & hair grease, or any products that contain those ingredients are strictly prohibited.


How to begin the detox process at home...
The FLAWLESS 40 Challenge

This challenge is not a requirement or prerequisite for a new client appointment but a great start for your journey.

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