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Are you ready to take your naturally curly hair to the next level? 

Grow in Grace is an elite introductory service experience for new clients designed to restore your hair and scalp in conjunction with receiving education & guidance that will unquestionably assist in achieving your goals! ALL curl types are welcomed here.

Please take a moment to review the new client services I offer, as well as FAQs, and availability.

Children are more than welcome to be serviced in salon, but there is no differentiation in pricing.

All services are by appointment only - No walk ins

New Client Grow in Grace Experience(s)

Starting at $217

This elite introductory package is an excellent choice for those ready to embrace wearing and caring for their naturally curly/ textured hair. During this restoration service you will receive: a hair & scalp analysis, hair & scalp detox, customized treatment(s), shampoo & condition, education, haircut (big chop, taper, or curl shaping), & a style (blow-dry, twists, defined curl set, or silk press).

Click the link below for service descriptions, pricing, and to schedule your appointment.

How to prepare for your in salon experience

Visiting a naturally curly hair salon is brand new experience for many of us. To help us carry out the BEST in salon experience with optimum results, I require that you do the following before partnering with me:

Please come/show up to the salon pre-cleansed & ready to begin. This means that your hair has been properly shampooed, conditioned, & detangled, with no ponytails or buns and free of braids and/or twists prior to entering the salon suite. 


"But Terra, do I have to pre-cleanse?"  Yes, you must pre-cleanse (shampoo and condition) and detangle your hair at least 3 - 5 days before your scheduled appointment. You may show up with a defined curl set or a twist out as long as it was done within the past 3 - 5 days. This helps US gain a wonderful start to an amazing Grow in Grace Experience so we don't have to spend a ton of time detangling.


If you arrive at the salon having not done any of the above, your appointment may be cancelled if I cannot serve you in the time frame allotted. If I deem that we are able to move forward, you will be automatically charged an additional $60+ for excessive detangling as this service adds time to your appointment. 


If you are experiencing any scalp conditions please add on the 2 Step Scalp treatment so we can also thoroughly assess and cleanse your scalp. 


How to begin the detox process at home...

The FLAWLESS 40 Challenge

(click me)

This challenge is not a requirement or prerequisite for a new client appointment, but a great start for your haircare journey.

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