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Returning Client Portal

We're taking care of business this year and doing everything we can to ensure we take care of our hair from the roots to the ends!

In order to maintain a returning client status you must have visited the salon within 6 months of your last appointment and receive a haircut and detox every 3/4 months. If you have not completed the requirements outlined above, please schedule a New Client Experience. Nevertheless, you are free to come in as frequently as you'd like to achieve you desired styles and goals.

Be sure to read over the treatment levels and choose the package that best fits your needs.

See you soon!

Services: Services

Choose your treatment level

All returning client services are to maintain the health and aesthetics of you previously established Grow in Grace cuts, shape, and style. 

Standard * clients returning within 8 weeks

Your curls will be thoroughly cleansed, hydrated, styled, & dried.

Premium * clients returning from 9 - 13 weeks

Your curls will be thoroughly cleansed, hydrated (+Premium Treatment), styled, & dried.

Elite * clients returning from 14 weeks to 6 months

Your curls will be thoroughly detoxed, cleansed, hydrated (+Premium Treatment), defined, dried, & cut.

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